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For the last 2 years, I've been writing a lot of Fan Fics about my other favorite show, Silk Stalkings. This is my first attempt at a story about Chicago Hope. Anyways, I made it easier for me and made it a crossover Chicago Hope/Silk Stalkings. I also have to say that I am not American Native, so there may be some typos, etc. Hope you don't mind!



Reason To Believe

written by Sammy



Kate pulled her mask off as she left the OR. She pulled her gloves off and threw them into the container. Surgery had been more complicated that she'd expected. It was way past 2am, and she needed sleep, desperately. She yawned when Billy backed through the door, immediately pulling off his mask and gloves as well.

"I thought we'd loose him when the artery broke." he uttered, throwing the gloves in the container.

"I've never seen a case like him before. I am surprised he made it this far with his damaged heart and lung. Gosh, how can people just deny him the right for this transplant because he is in a coma?"

"What do you think this operation will change for him?"

"What it will change? He now has a least a chance to pull out of the coma. He has a family, a child he has never seen. I thought now that you have a child of your own, you can understand that. If it was you who lay in there, wouldn't you want Diane to do everything for you? Wouldn't you want to see your daughter grow up?"

"Yeah, I would, but that is different."

"Billy, it's not different!" Kate snapped. "We are doctors, we have the ability to help people and we should do just that. Just because Anderson is your friend, you shouldn't lose your objectivity. He is able to live without a new heart and new lungs till we find new organs for him, but who said Mr. Lorenzo was? 3 years, Billy, he waited 3 years for this operation. If it was so much against your conviction, why did you go in there with me?"

"As you said, we have the ability to help. Just because it is against my conviction, it doesn't mean I deny anybody the help they need."

Billy pushed the door to the corridor open and walked out of the room.


That's all folks!


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